Daily Archives: May 12, 2009

Understanding and Implementing ISO 9001

iso-9001The ISO 9001 model is based on a specific management philosophy. This philosophy determines the structure, planning and implementation of the standard. It is the single most important element which is embedded within the standard. It’s called the Shewhart/Deming Cycle. It is a simple but powerful concept. This cycle contains four elements:

Plan > Do > Check > Act

where as an organization,

  • You plan the elements of the QMS in order to meet customer requirements and enhance their satisfaction;
  • You implement the QMS as per the plan;
  • You monitor, measure and analyze the performance of the QMS against the plan; and
  • You take actions to continually improve the QMS.

You will also need to apply the same philosophy when managing the processes that make up the QMS, where