About Us

‘There is not truth in the world but merely paradigm’ (Gustave Flaubert).

about-usOne is able to see a truth from his/ her paradigm, whilst the other finds other truth from his/her. Consequently, in business there is no perfect or a single correct decision in life, each decision contains its strengths and weaknesses at the same time. What we need is then to always explore for all possibilities taken from many point of views or paradigms in taking the best decisions.

In other words, we should be ready with all possible paradigms before coming to a conclusion. With this concept, the name for Paradigm Management Consulting is chosen.

Having as many as paradigms one can have broader picture of issues and assess the best situation of the conditions. This will help the decision maker for taking the best action in managing issues. The most important is that when decision has been taken we should maintain it until it gives us with the expected results.

Frequently, we hear that “we are accustomed with this method for years and no need change” whilst in reality the outer world changes. This is an example of people who are trapped in one single paradigm and keep it as a truth. One needs to broaden their perceptions and eventually to shift their paradigm in order to be able to cope with dynamic change of business.