Our Concepts


visionOur Vision is:

“To become a leading management consulting company in Indonesia”

  • To accomplish its vision, the PMC mission will:
  • To enlarge and enrich clients’ paradigms
  • Assist clients by providing best quality, effective and innovative service
  • To maintain business in the best way by preserving knowledge and continually improving consultant’s competency to cope with rapid change in knowledge and technology
  • To transfer knowledge and applicable management concept with proven and systematic methodology
  • To provide a side-by-side consultation to ensure its effective implementation
  • To give high respect to ethical values


service_qualityPMC strongly believes that long term success will be determined by a total commitment towards client services by providing excellence services to our clients at all time.

PMC requests all of its consultants to contribute their best efforts and performance to support its policy.

Quality Policy:

“We continuously improve qualities of our services in order to meet satisfaction of our customers“


  • To be fair in all dealings with clients, to adhere to all agreements, policies and business practices that promote valuesgoodwill and mutual benefits
  • To be honest and transparent with clients, strive to deliver the best services and information possible, respect each other in the communities we serve
  • To further growth in our industry by striving for excellence in every task, no matter how small, and to recognize that our credibility lies in how we conduct our day to day activities
  • Not any time during an engagement, encourage or induce away from client, any person who at any time during the continuance of the engagement is employed by client
  • Maintain and protect clients’ confidentiality of any information or other consultancy materials received or acquire during an engagement and shall apply business secrecy


  • All consultants mission is to provide our service with heart in order to understand client’s expectations better. We consider each project as individual and professional achievement.
  • It has successfully assisted various business sectors from service business to huge site operations such as mining and oil and gas. However, we reject requests to establish ‘mass scale’ management systems just for the sake of certification.
  • All of our consultants have complete experiences as owner of the management system (during previous work experience), auditors (most of all are actively outsource by various national certification bodies). Comprehensive paradigms will be provided with these advantage
  • All clients have shown high gratitude to our services and have asked for providing other services or repeated services




  • Establish Steering Committee and Working Group
  • Appoint Management Representative
  • Define Project Plan
  • Training to core team continued with socialization to all personnel
  • Risk assessment including objective/ target and Programme
  • Documented system: manual, procedures, work instruction
  • Implementation of the defined system
  • Training internal auditor
  • Conduct management review
  • Invite certification bodies for selection
  • Pre-assessment by certification body
  • Certification assessment